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Most frequent questions and answers

How do I contact the HOA ?

Feel free to contact the HOA with any of your questions or comments. Simply leave us a message on our Contact Us page.

Where can I find the Covenants ?

The Higby Estates Covenants and governing documents are located in the HOA Documents sections

Is there neighborhood slash pickup ?

Yes, we try organize a slash pickup program every year to help homeowners manage the wildfire mitigation on their property. Send us a note on the Contact Us page to find out when the next one will occur.

When are the HOA meetings ?

The Board Meetings are held periodically in accordance with our ByLaws. Please check the Calendar, or drop us a note on the Contact Us page to find out when the next meeting is occurring. 

How do I get on the HOA Board ?

We encourage all residents to consider a term as a Board Member. Please drop us a note on our Contact Us page to find out the process of becoming a Board Member.

What improvements require Architectural Control ?

Improvements to your home, especially the exterior of your home will require approval by Architectural Control. Please review the appropriate documents in the HOA Documents section to see what applies to your situation. If you ever have a question, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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